Why Branch Basics?

Beyond Non-Toxic 

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cleaning product with NO precautionary or warning labels that works as well or better than the conventional toxic ones?  If your answer is “Yes, of course, that’s why I choose to use non-toxic products!” then you may be surprised to know the following:

  • Although today there are many “so called” non-toxic products available to us that are biodegradable and environmentally safe, unfortunately almost all “non-toxic” household cleaning brands have at least some type of precautionary warning label such as “Keep out of the Reach of Children”, “Eye Irritant”, “Skin Irritant”, etc.
  • Many of the popular “non-toxic” brands have synthetic ingredients that are mixed with botanical ingredients.
  • Some of these synthetic ingredients may have potential for harm.  For example, some cleaning products that claim to be “non-toxic” actually have EPA registered pesticides that are sometimes disguised/labeled as preservatives – for example methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone which belong to a group of compounds called isothiazolinones.    Companies defend this by saying that they only use a very small amount and it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, this is absolutely inexcusable – a product cannot truly be non-toxic if it contains a biocide, pesticide, fungicide, or mildewicide in any amount. These chemicals bioaccumulate and contribute to the toxic load our bodies carry. It has been estimated that there has been a 28% increase in childhood cancer since the addition of pesticides into household products.  Source:  National Cancer Institute. You should know that the suffix “cide” means “a killer of”.   It is used to form the names of chemicals that kill a specified organism for example biocide – bio means life – so a biocide is a killer of life, or a pesticide – a chemical that kills insects/pests, and so on. Read your labels!
  • There is a lot of “non-toxic” greenwashing doubletalk since there is no standardized regulation of the term.   Many claims and terms such as “natural” and eco-friendly” shouldn’t be equated with safety.

So,  what is the answer to the question – Wouldn’t it be great to have a cleaning product with NO precautionary or warning labels that works as well or better than the conventional toxic or even “non-toxic” ones?  Yes, it would and Branch Basics is the answer.

Branch Basics is Human Safe    

Branch Basics stands alone above all other cleaners as an incredibly versatile Human Safe soap that will transform your thinking about cleaning and cleaning products!

Human Safe means that it is not harmful if accidentally ingested.  

Unlike the so called “non toxic” cleaners on the market that contain precautionary warnings, all of Branch Basics ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, are on the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (“Generally Recognized as Safe”) List, and therefore there is no warning label of any kind. There is no “Keep out of the reach of children” label as it is not harmful even if accidentally ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.

Branch Basics can replace virtually all conventional cleaners (with the exception of abrasive scouring powders) and can tackle every cleaning job you have, big or small, tough or easy, with absolute safety. Branch Basics is strong enough to degrease an engine, safe enough to wash a baby, and multifaceted enough to do every imaginable cleaning job in between. So, simplify and get back to basics!  – and who doesn’t want to simplify their life? Instead of using a myriad of products for cleaning – you can save time, energy and money by using Branch Basics.

Branch Basics is:

  • Not only truly non-toxic – but also Human Safe which means it is not harmful if accidentally ingested
  • Free of all warning or precautionary labels. Kid friendly
    • Not irritating to the eyes
    • Not irritating to the skin
    • Not irritating to the respiratory tract
  • Biodegradable
  • Fragrance free
  • Used by the extremely chemically sensitive who are unable to use typical “non-toxic” products
  • A fabulous degreaser
  • Industrial Strength – cleans as well or better than conventional cleaning products
  • Great All Purpose cleaner
  • Window Cleaner
  • Oven Cleaner
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • A stain remover like no other – great for laundry – wine, blood, iodine stains disappear right before your eyes.
  • Odor neutralizer
  • A great vegetable wash
  • A catalyst for improving the air quality in the home.  Branch Basics not only does not pollute the air while cleaning, but actually improves the air quality in the home.
  • Eco Friendly

    • Eco friendly manufacturing process = low adverse environmental impact in manufacturing
      • We are a dedicated facility which means there are no other products made or any chemicals used in the building.  There is no chance of cross contamination from other product production as in many manufacturing plants.  Our mixers are only used to produce our product.
    • Reduced energy costs
      • The facility for making the product is in the sunbelt where it doesn’t need to be heated or cooled.
      • The ingredients used don’t need to be heated or cooled
      • Our mixer operates on three phase electricity therefore pulls very little amperage. The electricity bill for the facility is only around $50.00 a month, which is extremely low.
    • Reduced transportation costs – We source ingredients as close to home as possible to keep shipping to a minimum
    • Our mixing tanks are stainless steel therefore very low maintenance.
    • Waste Reduction
      • Manufacturing always involves raw materials, but typically not all parts of the raw materials are needed and the rest is thrown away.  In some cases the discarded raw materials can harm the environment
      • We don’t have any byproducts or waste in production – everything is used in production. Virtually no trash is produced.
      • If there is any spillage – we just add water and clean the floors
      • We rinse our tanks with water – no need for chemicals in the facility.
    • Purified water is used to make our product.  Reverse osmosis water only is used for our manufacturing and ready to use products.  We do lose about 25% of the water due to purification, but we don’t consider it a loss as it is recycled.
    • Finished product  = high positive environmental impact.
      • No toxic chemicals used
      • No PVC’s, chlorine, etc.
      • Human Safe
      • Serves multiple purposes – can replace virtually all types of cleaners with one Multi Use Product
  • Economical

    • Branch Basics is a concentrate, which can replace so many of your cleaners.  For the All-Purpose Cleaning Concentration – it is typically diluted with 5 parts water and 1 part Branch Basics.  At that dilution one gallon makes 24 All Purpose Spray Bottles (32 oz) for about $3.00 each or 9 cents per oz.  But the dilution is not set in stone and many people use it as an All-Purpose at 10 parts water to 1 part Branch Basics or even more dilute.  1 gallon of concentrate would wash about 256 loads of laundry using about 1 T. concentrate per load.  For window cleaning and streak-prone surfaces 1/8 teaspoon or even less Branch Basics per 32 ounces will do the trick.



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