Sunny Side Up: Sunscreen That’s Safe For You & The Earth

Even though sunscreens do block Vitamin D absorption, they still have their place in keeping us healthy and preventing skin cancer. However, most commercial sunscreens out there are just loaded with harmful, hormone-disrupting chemicals, which studies have shown can negate their protective benefits and actually cause certain types of cancer1

A decade ago it was hard to find good quality, non-toxic sunscreens, and the ones that were available were pricey. But today there are many more healthy choices out there for the whole family. To learn which sunscreen brands are the least toxic for the beach, sports, beauty, and kids we highly recommend checking out EWG’s 2020 Guide to Sunscreens (and for even more information on healthy sunscreen use, be sure to read their special report “8 Little-Known Facts About Sunscreens”).

Our top picks for healthy sunscreen

Now go on, enjoy that summer sun!


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  1. Please recommend only non-nano formulations if either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as the nano-sized particles clog the pores of corals, and kill the animals inside. Although zinc and titanium do degrade faster than the dreaded chemical sunscreens, they still are not completely innocuous to our oceans. We need to choose non-nano formulations and sunscreens with as many organic, easily biodegradable compounds as possible so they have the least negative effects on our oceans.

    1. Hi Melissa. Thanks for your comment. Do you have a favorite brand of non-nano sunscreen that you recommend? We’d love to know about it. Thanks!


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