Salt and Soda Soak: A Radiation Detox Bath

A Bath Recipe to Neutralize Ionizing Radiation Exposure

Salt and Soda Soak to Neutralize Radiation Exposure (after airplane travel) | Branch Basics

This salt and soda soak is a radiation-neutralizing bath designed to help you detox and to clear your system of ionizing radiation, a particularly invasive environmental factor that can devastate your immune system. A salt and soda soak is an ideal way to detox after taking a long airplane trip. Flying on an airplane increases your exposure because you are exposed to high levels of gamma-ray radiation at high altitude levels. In addition, if you go through the full-body back scatter X-ray scanner, you will expose your body to small, bioaccumulative doses of ionizing radiation. The Federal Aviation Administration and the U. S. Department of Transportation have stated that radiation exposure from flying can increase risks if you are a frequent flyer, pregnant, a pilot or airline crew member.1 This bath is also effective after medical X-rays, dental X-rays, CAT and PET scans, and other medical diagnostic tests that expose the body to ionizing radiation.

When to Try a Salt and Soda Soak:

  • after airplane travel
  • after a medical x-ray
  • after a dental x-ray
  • following CT or PET scans
  • following any diagnostic tests that expose your body to radiation

Radiation = Acidic, Salt & Baking Soda = Alkaline

Radiation is acidifying to the system, but a salt and soda soak, which is highly alkaline, helps neutralize this effect. This radiation soak can be done two to three times per week to help counteract the radiation and to eliminate toxins from the body’s largest organ, the skin.

If you recently traveled in an airplane, this salt and soda bath can be particularly helpful to neutralize your radiation exposure from the flight. Take the radiation bath as soon after the flight as possible, especially when you return from your trip. If possible, continue taking a salt and soda soak daily for a week following your trip.

Salt and Soda Soak to Neutralize Radiation Exposure (after airplane travel) | Branch Basics

Salt and Soda Soak Instructions

  1. Dissolve one to two pounds of salt* with one to two pounds of baking soda in a hot bath. Use more for a larger bathtub.
  2. Soak for 40 minutes with most of your body submerged. If the water is too hot, you may experience dizziness or fatigue. Use a meat or candy thermometer to measure the water temperature – do not go over 104 degrees.

*Use common salt (sodium chloride) salt, not Epsom salt (magnesium chloride), for this bath. Morton’s pickling salt or sea salt are common options sold in most grocery stores. Look for pure salt on the ingredients (no additives). Other options include mixing salt from a feed store (ground to a fine consistency), or coarse salt used for water softening (sold in 25-50 pound bags). However, be aware that coarse salt will be harder to dissolve than the other options.


  • If you are feeling very weak, start with 100 degrees or below.
  • If you feel like you need to get out because it is too hot, add cold water until you are able to relax and enjoy the bath.
  • If you have a weak heart or if you get palpitations, you should not submerge your chest during the bath.
  • If you become dizzy or experience rapid heartbeat during the bath, slowly get out of the tub with someone’s assistance.
  • If you have any reason to believe that the bath may not be right for you to do, please consult with your doctor before attempting to take one.
  • If you do not have a water filter for your bath tub, you can neutralize chemicals, chlorine and chloramines in the water by adding  Microhydrin. Open up five capsules of the supplement directly into the bath water before you add the salt or baking soda.

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  1. Hello, my 5 month old just got a CT scan and multiple X-rays. Can I do something similar to this with him or is it not safe for babies because they can’t tell us how the bath is making them feel?

    1. Hello, the only thing that comes to my mind is if you breastfeed eat lots of detox food (kale, broccoli, garlic……). Hope youy little one is ok! ❤️

  2. Make sure to rinse off with regular water after this bath! I didn’t and had almost painfully prickly skin for hours. Once it started an hour or so after the bath, I showered then, but it was too late.

    1. Thanks for this comment! I was searching the comments to see if someone recommended washing off afterwards! That’s a lot of salt 😂

  3. Nice post! I must say that inexpensive salt and soda soak uses baking soda and common salt to help alkalinize your body after exposure to radiation from flying or salt & soda bath, Detox your body & soothe sore muscles.

  4. Two People have asked the question why NOT Epsom salts….magnesium? I’d also like to know why just regular salt and not magnesium/Epsom?
    So…we are supposed to take 4 # of ingredients on the plane to take this with? Seems like a LOT of bulk for one bath…..Just wondering.

  5. Why does the water need to be filtered? Is there another trusted place that I could get the Mycrohydrin?

    1. How many days I need to do this detox to clean my body from 2 dentist x ray and mammogram(done in the same week).
      Can I do the detox every day?

  6. Does this help with the radiation from smart meters as well?
    I have a wall of them right outside my bedroom window. About 150 in my complex, and looking at how to detox from them.

    1. Hello Maria. No, this bath is for gamma radiation. The radiation from smart meters is high frequency radiation – it is a completely different type of radiation. I would call Oram Miller at 310-720-7686 to get advice concerning the situation.

      1. I went through 6 weeks of Proton radiation therapy for a cancer tumor that is gone now but the side effects of the radiation is brutal.. I am weak all the time ..the radiation was done on my face on my nasal cavities so i need to detox asap…nobody knows anything about it.. drs said …it will go away u just have to wait..but there has to be something to speed up my recovery..thanks for your help.

  7. I did this bath after x-ray scan.

    I think that water insert to my female part… and this water was with all the pollution that came out from the x-ray.

    Sould I be concernd? What to do?

  8. Did Mortons salt actually change their toxic processing and additives? “Real Salt” or himalayan salt or celtic salt are more healthy alternatives.


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