The perfect produce wash


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With summer comes fresh, locally-grown produce. Whether you get your veggies from the farmer’s market, backyard garden, or local grocery store, rinsing them with Branch Basics ensures you’re feeding your family the best nature provides. Conventionally-grown goods are sprayed with chemical-laden pesticides, so soaking them in Branch Basics is of utmost importance as it helps break down these nasty chemicals that our bodies don’t need. Even organically grown produce comes into contact with insects, birds, dirt, pollution, etc..

How to Use: Fill up your sink with water and add 1 tablespoon of Branch Basics concentrate. Dump in the fresh produce and let it soak. After about 10 minutes, pull it out and rinse, then let it air dry on dish towels. Make sure to pull the produce out of the water before you drain the sink so it is not re-contaminated by the dirt that has accumulated at the bottom. You may also use a 1:5 dilution as a produce spray. Simply spray the produce with Branch Basics, wait approximately 30 seconds and rinse.

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