Relaunch Party: A Lot to Celebrate!

It was not without a whole lot of work, perseverance, setbacks, encouragement, passion, support, time and prayer that WE DID IT!!! After twenty long months (who’s counting!?), a new formula was born against all odds. And not just a run-of-the-mill, this-will-do, hope-you-like-it formula. A kick-bottom, better-than-the-last, how-did-this-happen, this-is-IT formula!! And, on top of that, you guys stuck with us through thick and thin and blew us away during our preorder period.

So we thought it only appropriate to celebrate. 🙂

We hosted a happy hour at the super cool deck at Austin’s South Congress Hotel last week, gathering friends and family to celebrate our re-launch and it was a great turnout! Kids crawled, people laughed, glasses clanked, cameras snapped, rain came (!!), and we had a BALL.

We were having too much fun chatting with all the guests, so a big thanks to the talented Heather Gallagher for capturing the pics below. And another big thank you to The Little Posey for making everything prettier with beautiful floral and succulent arrangements.

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