Reducing Natural Odors in a Non-Toxic Mattress

Some people that have a non-toxic bed choose to wrap the bed to contain the slight natural odors that emanate from the materials especially when they are new. Variations of the steps below may be applicable depending on the sensitivity of the person to the latex or natural fibers such as wool and cotton. For example, a non-toxic bed may only need to be covered with tightly woven silk and/or a barrier cloth or it may need the extra protection of carbon blankets or the Char Media to neutralize the slight odor of the materials.

IMPORTANT: The chemically sensitive should not prepare the bed.

Possible Materials Needed and their Sources
  • Zippered Barrier Cloth – Organic cotton; custom-made by the following:
  • Allersoft Zippered Cover
    • Allergy Store – (1-800-771-2246)
    • Tightly woven to 5.34 microns; order all-cotton
    • Note: To stop dust mites, you need a 10 micron weave at least; the lower the number, the tighter the weave and the better
  • Cotton Mattress Pads
  • Old Sheets
  • Silk Cloth
    • Thai Silks– (1-650-948-8611 or 1-800-722-7455)
    • 30 mm Charmeuse, 45 inch natural white. 100% silk
    • $11.00/yard; Item # 011g
    • Many chemically sensitive people use this to block odors
  • Activated Carbon Blankets
    • Nirvana Safe Haven – (1-888-267-4600 or 1-800-968-9355) Call for sample piece of blankets
    • Order with the polyester encasing for storage convenience. No extra charge.
    • Ask Dalia to help determine how many sheets you need for your bed
  • Char Media
    • Living Source – (254-776-4878 or 254-776-0777) Dr. Jim Summers
    • Order black Char Media; can get a sample piece as well
    • Note: The Char Media was tested on a non-toxic latex bed (that chemically sensitive person was sensitive to) and person was able to tolerate the latex bed with the Char Media wrapped around it.
Procedure for Wrapping a Non-Toxic Bed
  1. Wrap the mattress in several layers of the tightly woven silk.
  2. Encase mattress and box springs in zippered barrier cloth cover. Barrier cloth is an extremely tight-woven, 100% cotton fabric originally designed for medical use. Encasing the box springs, mattress, mattress pad, and pillow in a barrier cloth helps to protect the Bedding & Mattresses, helps to contain odors, and prevents dust mites from getting on mattress and pillow. Some people double the barrier cloth.
  3. Apply cotton mattress pad. A cotton mattress pad on top of the mattress provides protection for the mattress plus provides another layer of protection from the mattress. This may be enough to block the odor from the latex. Test it first and, if it’s not sufficient, proceed to the next steps.
  4. Wrap bed with Activated Carbon Blankets or Char Media. If you choose the carbon blankets, place old sheets> on bed first as a barrier cloth for the blankets. The tighter the sheet’s weave and the higher the thread count, the better. If you choose to use the Char Media, skip to step 7.
  5. Order and remove Activated Carbon Blankets from their encasing. Place them on the bed and tuck in or wrap around mattress. If doing all the above steps, just tuck the carbon blankets in.
  6. Activated Carbon Blankets will absorb the odors from mattresses. To cover a king mattress, you will need 2-3 blankets and maybe more if encasing entire mattress. Place a couple of old cotton sheets on the bed to protect from any carbon dust. Remove the polyester encasing from the carbon blankets for more effective reduction of odors. Place the carbon blankets on top of these sheets. Cover the bed and tuck in. (Can encase the entire bed if desired. Can stitch the blankets together or can slightly overlap at the seams).
  7. Instead of carbon blankets, wrap in Char Media. Order sample material and compare to carbon blankets if desired.
  8. Place a couple of old cotton sheets on top of the carbon blanket or Char Media to protect the mattress pad.
  9. Then place another cotton mattress pad over the sheets (or any mattress topper, etc) to provide a cushion over the carbon blankets or Char Media.
  10. The carbon will last about 6 months. After 6 months, remove from bed, place in the sun a few hours and it is ready for another 6 months.
  11. Add a wool topper or topper of choice if desired.
  12. Make bed with sheets and blankets.

You may use all of the above steps or any combination that works best for you.

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