Radiation Neutralizing Bath

The radiation bath is designed to help clear the system of radiation – a particularly invasive environmental factor that can devastate the immune system. Flying on an airplane especially increases your exposure to radiation (increases exposure to gamma-ray radiation at high altitude levels). The Federal Aviation Administration and the U. S. Department of Transportation have stated that flying can increase your cancer risk. To help neutralize this exposure after every airplane flight, take a radiation bath. The best results occur from taking the radiation bath as soon after the flight as possible and then every day for a week, if possible. Also, take a radiation bath after having medical or dental x-rays.

Unfortunately, today more than any time in history we are exposed to many sources and types of radiation on a daily basis – computers, microwaves, cell phones, televisions, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, iPods, video games, etc. This radiation soak can be done two to three times per week to remove the radiation we so frequently (and unknowingly) encounter, and to eliminate toxins from the body’s largest organ, the skin.

Radiation is acidifying to the system; a salt and basking soda soak, which is highly alkaline, helps neutralize this effect.

Sources of Salt

  • Use a sodium chloride salt, not Epsom salts for this bath. Do not use regular table salt like Morton’s, because it contains chemicals.
  • Get Morton’s pickling salt, which comes in a 4 pound green box – this is pure salt with no additives and is very inexpensive.
  • Buy inexpensive sea salt in bulk at a health food store.
  • Mixing salt from a feed store (ground to a fine consistency)
  • Coarse salt used in water softeners sold in 25 – 50 pound bags – (must be sodium chloride). The coarse salt will be more difficult to dissolve, but will work.


  • Place 2 pounds of salt with 2 pounds of baking soda in a hot bath.
  • Soak for 40 minutes with most of the body submerged.
  • It is important that the water not be extremely hot. Use a meat or candy thermometer to measure the water temperature – do not go over 104 degrees.
  • If very weak start with 100 degrees or below. If it is too hot, it may lead to dizziness or fatigue. If you feel like you need to get out because it is too hot, add cold water until you are able to relax and enjoy the bath.
  • If you have a weak heart or if you get palpitations, you should not submerge your chest during the bath. If you should become dizzy or experience rapid heartbeat during bath, slowly get out of the tub with someone’s assistance. If you have any reason to believe that the bath may not be right for you to do, please consult with your doctor before attempting to take one.
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  1. Can you use this bath if you are pregnant and flying? What is the recommended temperature of the water if you are pregnant?

    1. Hello Anita. Yes, you can do this bath while pregnant. You don’t want to take a hot bath while pregnant, so keep the temp no more than your body temp 98.6.

  2. How do you get your kids to do this? Mine wouldn’t stay mostly submerged in a bath and definitely not for 40 minutes.

    1. Hi Amy. Sorry for the slow reply! A shorter bath is fine for kids. Try for a longer than normal bath though. Maybe entertaining them with a show or game will help. Good luck!


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