Pics ‘n Praise: Puppy Love


We LOVE hearing from you! Whether it’s a post, a tweet, an email or a snail mail, there’s rarely a comment that’s not shared and enjoyed amongst us three owners. But why keep them all to ourselves?! We figured this season, abounding in Christmas cards, is a great time to share pictures and praise about Branch Basics. And, who knows, if you like hearing how others use this amazing soap, we may just keep ’em comin’ throughout the year!

If you feel so inclined, snap a picture (holiday cards are great!) and send it to [email protected] Include a little blurb about why you love BB, your favorite use, a quote from your kid, etc. In return, we’ll email you a coupon code for $5 off your next order, in addition to the holiday special we’re currently running (20% off + free shipping on orders over $75). Happy holidays and happy cleaning!

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