We know the Holidays can get messy, but a mess is no problem when you’ve got Branch Basics! Here are some of the many ways Branch Basics can be your holiday hero when it comes to cleaning this holiday season!

tip #1: LINENS

Gather up your wine and gravy splattered dish towels, napkins, and tablecloths and toss them in the wash with some Concentrate and Oxygen Boost. Did you know that Oxygen Boost whitens and brightens fabrics? And it’s safe for colors!*


tip #2: crystal & glassware

Mom would never let you put those fancy glasses in the dishwasher! The good news is, you won’t suffer from dishpan hands when you use All-Purpose or Foaming Wash to get those special dishes clean.


tip #3: Pots, pans & dishes

Forget about scrubbing that giant pile of dishes and baking pans. Spray them with All-Purpose and go put your feet up while the cleaner does the hard work. Bonus points for asking the kids table for help on this task.


tip #4: spills & splatters

Ew…what is that stain even from? Pre-treat the grease, coffee, cranberry sauce, and mystery stains with All-Purpose and let soak before washing. For those especially tough stains try using the Bathroom bottle instead!* Still not enough? Bust out the Concentrate and Oxygen Boost.


tip #5: stove & oven

Is your oven showing signs of holiday cooking? How about that stovetop? For those super stubborn sticky spots, try using the Bathroom bottle (or even Concentrate). For best results, spray liberally and allow to soak before scrubbing away the grimy bits.


*Always test in a hidden area first for colorfastness, particularly for your heirloom linens!

Pro tip: Use distilled water to mix your bottles for ultimate cleaning performance (think no streaks, great foam, amazing stain-removing power).

See full instructions for these tips (and more!) on your bottles or on our User Guide.

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  1. Dear Allison and team,
    Best Xmas gift from my daughter in law was Branch Basics. I’m a clean freak and an essential oil kind of woman yet actually have always had a strange love for Clorox. Your product is amazing – I have used to from kitchen to bath and was skeptical it would not work on dark marble – miracles never cease!
    With admiration, Emily Wilde , Houston TX

    1. Emily!! Thank you so much for this amazing feedback! We are so happy you’ve ditched Clorox 🙂 We love hearing from you, so please stay in touch!


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