Our History With The Original Branch Basics Formula

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We humbly apologize for our unintentional misrepresentations about the original Branch Basics Concentrate. Everything we have said about this product is what we have believed to be true and we’d like the opportunity to share our history with this unique formula.

In the early 90s, I was a desperate mother looking for something to clean my house and something that my child could use on his skin without reacting. He had been extremely chemically injured from an exposure to pesticides. My precious ten-year-old son went from being a healthy, athletic, very intelligent little boy to not being able to walk a straight line, spell a three letter word or lift his head off the pillow. His immune system was so damaged that the doctors told us he could no longer detoxify or break down the chemicals that we all come into contact with in everyday life. We had to make our home a safe haven, free of harmful chemicals. After trying all the then-non-toxic, and DIY options, I was at a loss. He couldn’t even tolerate vinegar, baking soda, and natural soaps. In my search, I had heard that some of the chemically injured patients that were seeing Dr. Rae, M.D. in Dallas were able to use this product that was 100% plant-based with no synthetic ingredients, so I ordered some. It was miraculous. Not only were we able to clean up our home enough for my son to enter into (we had been forced to sleep outside), stay in and sleep in, but he also had no problem being around it when it was being used, nor did he react when it was put on his skin. I never looked back, never questioned the fact that I was told it was just a simple soap with a proprietary plant-based ingredient list. As a mom, it provided relief for my suffering son and that was all that mattered.

After my son’s difficult but remarkable full recovery, I began consulting with people who had been chemically injured and had other health issues. One of the first steps I recommended was to remove all toxic products from the home and switch to this one versatile, powerful, non-toxic cleaner. Person after person who couldn’t find products to use without reacting were elated to find something that worked. People with chemical sensitivity, asthma, respiratory conditions, chronic headaches, unresolved skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, etc. had found their answer. I viewed the chemically injured as canaries in the coal mine, signaling whether  a product was safe or not by their ability to tolerate it.

In 2008, my niece, Allison, after two years of traveling the country visiting a dozen of the best medical doctors, was very sick and in constant pain. She was diagnosed with a severe case of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), having thousands of cysts on her ovaries, and symptoms most closely related to MS and autoimmune disease. She and her roommate, Kelly, came to stay with me. After two months of living in a home with no toxic chemicals, eating a whole foods diet, and using only this product for cleaning and on the body, she was free of all pain.  Kelly, who considered herself healthy, no longer had symptoms she thought were “just normal” like dry itchy eyes and menstrual cramps. Three years later, it was confirmed that Allison had naturally reversed the worst case of PCOS her fertility doctor had ever seen. All the while,  she had used only this product for cleaning and on her body.

After working with my clients for years and Allison and Kelly’s stay with me, we were eager to share how removing harmful chemicals from the home and using this one product could transform lives. We had no reason to doubt it wasn’t as represented: 100% pure soap and free of all synthetic ingredients. We now know that this is not true. While still non-toxic and safe, it does in fact contain synthetic ingredients, and we truly apologize for any unintentional misrepresentations we have made. Everything we have told you is what we have believed because of what has been represented to us by the formulator for two decades (and in a signed contract). But most of all, we trusted our stories. They are real and our love of this formula will not change. We hope you will accept our humble apology and know that we have only had the purest intentions in our efforts to inspire people to live healthy lives.

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