Our Favorite Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

We’ve had a lot of you ask us what our favorite personal care products are, so we thought compiling a list of what we use (along with some other great options) would be helpful! Ensuring that the products you bring into your home are free of harmful chemicals (ex. synthetic fragrance) is crucial to creating a healthy home, and that’s especially true for the products you put onto your body!

With a market that has (thankfully!) grown rapidly over the past few years, it can be hard to sort through all of the “safe”, “natural” and “non-toxic” claims. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope this makes your search for the really clean stuff a lot easier!

And we are big believers in the saying “variety is the spice of life” even when it comes to personal care products. Just like you wouldn’t eat the same foods everyday for years, your skin and hair like when you mix it up a bit!


Here are some ingredients that we typically avoid:  synthetic fragrance, phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates, BHA, BHT, formaldehyde releasing preservatives,  MIT – isothiazolinone family, benzalkonium chloride , sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate, artificial colorants,  retinol, retinyl palmitate, hydroquinone, PEG ingredients, PEG ingredients, polysorbate 60 and 80,  polyethylene glycol

Also, we recommend looking for your brand in the EWG  database. If it is not in their database, then you can compare your ingredients using this link.

You can also investigate the ingredients one by one. Go to EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  Type in each ingredient into the search bar. The ingredients are rated from 1 – 10  – with 1 being the safest to 10 being the most toxic. Ideally, the safest ingredients to put on the skin will be rated 1. We also love the Think Dirty app for checking particular products. We recommend only using products rated 0.

And now for our favorites…


Face Wash:

Face Moisturizers:


Toners/Mists/Wildcrafted Perfume:

Acne Treatments/Masks


Body Wash/Soap:


Body Scrubs:



Helpful Hint for Dry Hair: Every three washes or so, try adding 1 drop (from a dropper) of organic argan oil into shampoo before lathering to help prevent hair from getting too dried out.

Fun Fact: We’ve decided we’re going to try out our Concentrate as a shampoo. If you want to try it too, let us know what you think!


Hair Spray:

Dry Shampoo:


Shampoo & Body Wash:




Because this can be an everyday problem in the South!



Toothpaste & Teeth Whitening:



There really aren’t any perfect nail polishes, but these are the best options we know of if you don’t like to go bare nails.


We finally put together our list! See it here. 

What are your favorite personal care products? Comment below! 

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    1. I wasn’t a fan of their foundation but absolutely LOVE their face powder! Definitely recommend checking out this line of products.

      1. I LOVE the Pronounce face moisturizer, face serum and Anything Salve! Didn’t love their makeup only because I needed more coverage and didn’t want a powder to settle into my 42 yr old lines. I LOVE RMS Beauty Un-cover up. My absolute fave for foundation!

  1. I used the old formula in the foaming bottle for shampoo and continue to do so with the new formula. The way I see it, if it’s okay for my skin and face, it should be fine for my hair. The old formula warned that it would remove hair color.

  2. Just an FYI, the below linked nail polish is 7-free: free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate) or Camphor, Xylene, Triphenyl phosphate, or parabens.

    Not sure if it’s better than what you already linked, but might be good enough to make your list.


  3. I have never been happier with a skin product as I have been with Mad Hippie. They have a 0 rating on Think Dirty too 🙂 Figured you could check them out to add to your list!

    Do you have any recommendations of laundry balls? Or any type of non-toxic non-irritant scent to add to laundry. I love my Branch Basic kit but that’s the one thing I miss 🙂 Would love any suggestions!

  4. Mother Dirt products are clean and effective. I use their AO+Mist, cleanser, shampoo, and moisturizer. For deodorant, I spray magnesium oil on my underarms (which isn’t really an oil), as well as AO+Mist if needed.

  5. Busy mom of two little kids here…my oldest (4-years) suffers from lots of allergies – environmental, chemical, food and pet – as well as viral-induced asthma. We worked with a specialist Mary Cordaro when he was just 4 months old as his skin flared badly with eczema from all this. She truly opened our eyes to all the toxins that are in the environment. Now our son’s skin is beautiful 99% of the time. His eczema flares when we travel and stay at hotels or AirBnBs….from all the chemicals in the products/cleaners they use. It’s frustrating and sad. I wish everyone was as aware of these toxins as you all are.

    Anyways – Mary has recommended Branch Basics and I’m excited to try it. 🙂
    Regarding other products – I LOVE the Beauty Counter line of skin care and make-up….especially their facial moisturizer and body wash! Highly recommend checking them out. They have a kids line too.
    I look forward to checking out the other products listed here for nail care and deodorant. Thanks all for the recommendations!!

  6. What about Aveda and Aesop? I thought those lines were all natural too, but don’t seem them listed anywhere here.

    1. Hi Emily. Thanks for your question. We encourage you to always check ingredients, and then decide for yourself.

  7. Thank you so much for this info!
    I hope you post the makeup one soon because I need some new items and I have no idea which ones would be good to get despite researching for a while. Also, which moisturizers/sunscreens would work well under makeup would be so helpful. Looking forward to your post!

    1. Pronounce face moisturizer is phenomenal under my RMS beauty uncover up foundation. Both products are 100% natural. You will not be disappointed!

  8. Beautycounter has safe personal care products and makeup that is amazing! They commit to rigorous testing and advocate for stricter laws so we can someday feel confident that all products we put on our bodies are safe.


  9. My husband loves using Branch Basics as a shampoo! He’s been using it for years now and loves only having one bottle in the shower.

    1. I know your question is from January and may not help you at this point but perhaps it will help someone else. I used Norwex body cloths in place of face/body wash and the crystal deodorant for probably 6 months and didn’t care for it. I found using the cloths in the shower felt like my skin was being painfully rubbed off and my face became irritated and red. The deodorant simple didn’t work. I stank. Lol. I now use the norwex body cloths in the shower WITH branch basics foaming wash and the unscented Primal Pit paste for deodorant.

      1. I am new to both branch basics and Norwex. Norwex has detailed care instructions, and so I was wondering if I could use them together, ex enviorcloth and all purpose spray, and the body cloth and foaming hand wash?


  10. Really appreciate the brainstorming that’s going on here. I felt like somebody at BB really likes Luminance since you listed it often. I had tried their skin care and like their concept but unfortunately my skin broke out. Looks like they have clean ingredients though. Primally Pure sounds great but also somewhat pricy like some other brands listed. I am a fan of affordable organic certified skin care which is how I found Badger Balm. You recommended their sunscreen but they also make other fantastic products for the entire body. Their anti bugspray is awesome and very effective. Also I love their facial oil cleansers and facial oils plus Damaskus Rose Tinted Spf. Badger also has fantastic healing salves, lip balms and tinted lip balms. Their body oils are divine and they also have a wonderful baby care line. All of Badger’s products are either USDA organic certified or made with only natural/organic ingredients. I also believe that they are highly effective while not breaking the bank plus quality ingredients is always a top priority for them. I also like that they are B-Corp certified and have a wonderful mission statement to do their work for the greater good and to always use kindness as their compass. Can’t say enough good things about this great company and their one of a kind products. Also if you are worried about scented products they offer a lot of Unscented versions and the scented Badger products have less than 0.001 % organic essential oils in them and they are all used due to therapeutic properties. I am highly sensitive to fragrances and usually break out from scented products and I can use all of Badger’s products without any problem. I enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefit from the essential oils and herbal extracts. As far as hair care goes I would recommend Calia Naturals (especially the purifying line for dry hair). Wonderful Canadian company which uses mainly organic ingredients. Best natural hair care I have ever used. Their hairspray is also Unscented and works well. Also love their leave in detangler. My favorite organic deodorant comes from Little Seed Farm. Very effective and non irritating. Baking soda free. Also like their goat milk charcoal bar soap if I need a deeper cleanse in between my Badger facial oil cleansers. Hope this helps and you found my input informative. Best wishes and thanks for the opportunity to chime in! Let’s make this a toxic free world!

    1. I just started using Luminance products and I absolutely love them. I had one issue with a breakout, but chalked that up to releasing toxins. My skin is loving it. The antioxidant spray is my favorite.

  11. This is a great article! I am a Beautycounter consultant and think we have great products for the entire family (including babies and makeup)!! I am always searching for other clean brands to fill the gap where we don’t offer something so thank you for sharing. I love Dr Bronners and use that often and am still on the search for the perfect deodorant. And LOVE Branch Basics and for cleaning my house and doing laundry!

  12. Cocokind has amazingly clean products at affordable prices…and it works amazing on my skin (and others that I know)!

    1. Stacy,

      Check out Crunchi. I struggled to find a toxin free cosmetic line that would work for my sensitive, Rosacea skin. I finally threw all of my makeup away after finding this….and their new facial SPF 30 sunscreen is Ah-Maz-Ing!!

  13. For cosmetics I use Crunchi. Absolutely love the products and how safe that are for my daughter and I.

    Tooth’s paste, I like Magic Mud!

  14. Has anyone heard of Ora Wellness? I’ve been using their toothpaste replacement options for over a year now! The HealThy Mouth Blend oil is certified organic and comes in a glass bottle (looks like an essential oil bottle). I found them in my search for a natural toothpaste that would help my sensitivity and gum recession. At my most recent trip to the dentist, they discovered my gum pockets had actually improved since switching to Ora Wellness. I highly recommend them! Also a great price point after you try it if you decide to move forward and buy a multipack. I’ve tried Shine (their tooth powder) also and really enjoy the whitening effects of the clean ingredients. Typically I switch off between Shine and HealThy Mouth Blend. I will never go back to toothpaste!! Now whenever I have to use it, it feels so weird to have a paste in my mouth – even the clean brands! Ora Wellness is also a great resource for educating us on how to care for your mouth holistically. So, even if you don’t want to try their products, I recommend checking out their website to learn about best practices (ex: waiting 30 minutes after eating before brushing so as not to destroy your enamel, how to brush without using too much pressure, how to oil pull for maximum effects, etc.)!

  15. I use BoomSilk as an eye cream and face moisturizer. The product can be used as a body cream, as well. Cindy Joseph created BOOM! to offer natural products for skin care. Boomstick Color is wonderful for lips & cheeks. But I haven’t checked out the ingredients in Boomstick. Thanks so much for the resource guide!

  16. Haven’t tried them yet, but I see many wonderful comments about Just Ingredients products. I plan on trying them soon.


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