New Year Home Cleanse Step 3: REPLACE


If you’ve reached this step, you deserve a big CONGRATULATIONS! Your body thanks you! (And so should all of those who live with you.) The body is a brilliant, self-healing machine if given the right conditions, a big one being the purity of the air we breathe. Some of the biggest culprits to our home’s air quality are toxic cleaning products, so now that you (quite literally) have a clean slate, don’t settle for less. Choose safe, healthy alternatives to clean up your home. The good news is you don’t need an army of different products! Simplify and get back to basics.

If you are wondering where to start, check out our REVIEW & REMOVE posts!

We mentioned in our first post that we would be sharing information about pesticides and non-toxic alternatives. Details are at the bottom of this post.

DO BUY products that are:

HUMAN-SAFE & PLANT-BASED Replace all toxic household cleaning products with ones that are human-safe, when possible, especially when there are immune compromised individuals, young children or babies in the home

+ not an eye irritant

+ not a skin irritant

+ not a lung irritant

+plant and mineral based

DON’T BUY products that have:

+ Signal words like CAUTION, WARNING, OR DANGER

+ petroleum based ingredients + antibacterial agents

+ parabens, phthalates, SLS

+ synthetic fragrances

+ synthetic preservatives such as methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, & potassium sorbate

Our top suggestion for your replacement? Well, Branch Basics of course!


Our products are truly safe for your entire family even those family members that are chemically sensitive! All of our ingredients are rated a 1 on EWG. (Read about the Journey to Our New Formula here.) Branch Basics Concentrate is a non-toxic, safe and powerful concentrated cleaning formula that can be diluted for virtually any cleaning use – from dishes, windows and laundry to veggies, face and pets!


+ POWERFUL & VERSATILE: it can replace almost all cleaning products

+ AN INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH CLEANER: it’s effective without polluting the air or leaving a toxic residue

+ STRONG YET GENTLE: use it to dissolve car engine grease or clean your produce, and it’s even safe for people with chemical sensitivities

+ AN AIR QUALITY IMPROVER: use Branch Basics to remove toxic residues and pesticides, instead of conventional cleaners which add toxins to the air

+ GREAT FOR LAUNDRY: in addition to cleaning your home, you can replace your laundry detergents with Branch Basics!


Branch Basics Concentrate made into our Foaming Wash falls under the CDC’s (Center for Disease Control) statement that the best way to get rid of germs is to wash your hands for 20 seconds with a pure soap or cleaning formula designed for hand washing such as ours. They are even recommending this procedure over a product with an EPA-registered pesticide because of the mounting problem of antibiotic resistance.


+ human-safe

+ plant & mineral based

+ non-toxic

+ free of synthetic fragrances

+ free of synthetic preservatives & alcohols

+ non-GMO

+ fragrance-free

+ gluten-free

+ biodegradable


+ all-purpose cleaner

+ degreaser

+ window cleaner

+ oven cleaner

+ counter cleaner

+ bathroom cleaner

+ stain remover

+ odor neutralizer

+ hand wash

+ laundry

+ floor cleaner

+ stainless steel cleaner

See full user guide here. 

Don’t take it just from us, read some of our customer testimonials!

  • SO glad you’re back!!! I used your product to clean my tub before taking a bath and it was so nice to know there was no risk if didn’t manage to get every trace of cleaner rinsed out before I bathed. Thank you for creating a safe product!”
  • LOVE branch basics!! I love being able to safely clean every surface and even have my 1 year old help me clean – he loves it!”
  • “LOVING the new formula. I literally can’t stop cleaning!”
  • “Husband used the bathroom solution on carpet this morning to get out soot from embers falling out of woodstove. He said it worked great!
    Me: Of course it does! **wink**”
  • “Love your products, thank you so much for creating them and helping us live a healthier life!! :)”
  • “Wonderful product and always amazed by all it can be used on. :)”
  • “I love your all purpose cleaner for cleaning my bathtub after the kids take a bath. Dirt and grime come right off!”
  • “Love your products and am so glad that you are back up and running. I especially like the streak free solution. It’s the best thing I’ve found for cleaning my ceramic stovetop”


Countless studies link pesticide exposure to cancer, tumor formation, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, infertility, miscarriage, and birth defects. They have the potential to harm the endocrine system, reproductive system, and nervous system. For further information see Remove Pesticides from You Home in 8 Simple Steps, as well as Integrated Pest Management: An Inexpensive, Safe & Sensible Way to Avoid Pests.

We are so glad you have taken the first steps to create a healthy home with our #NewYearHomeCleanse! Over the next few months, we will be sharing more steps you can take on the journey to a healthier home. We hope you will join us for our full series!

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  1. Yes! I do use Branch Basics for every cleaning use except in the dishwasher. With that in mind, I definitely go through quite a bit! Please offer the bulk quantities of concentrate soon…I don’t want to have even one day without my Branch Basics!

    1. Hi LW! We are so happy to hear that you are using BB for almost everything in your house! That is our goal, to have our concentrate be your one stop shop for all cleaning duties 🙂

      Thank you so much for your feedback on the bulk quantities, this is definitely something we hope to do in the future! Appreciate your support! Have a great day!

  2. I appreciate the information in this three part article on cleaning up the air quality at home. All of this makes complete sense to me. It’s interesting that if there is an attached garage, then this area should be cleaned of dangerous chemicals as well. What hope, then, is there for those who live in multi family dwellings, like condos and apartments? We live attached to neighbors who do not live so “green”. Every time my neighbor washes clothes, I smell those highly fragranced detergents and fabric softeners. If they use harmful chemicals, is my health being affected? Is there any way to have a clean air environment if your home is attached to another person’s home?

    1. Hi AF,

      This is a great question and one that requires a few more questions–I’m going to send you an email shortly!

      Thank you!

  3. I’ve been using your products to clean for a few months now, and was so impressed that I gave the sets put as Christmas presents this year. I initially was not aware that it could be used in the laundry. Would you provide more information on how to use?
    love the detox of chemicals in the home for a resolution. I was amazed at how many different toxic products we had lurking under sinks and in the laundry room. Things we don’t even use. So happy to get that out of my family’s environment.
    thank you!

    1. Hi Cheryl! We are so happy you are loving Branch Basics! & how nice of you to give such a wonderful gift to loved ones 🙂
      Yes, you can also use it for laundry and we suggest using Oxygen boost as well for an extra lift. To get exact directions on your laundry machine (front loader or top loader) reference our user guide here. Thank you again for your feedback, we appreciate it!

  4. Hello Ladies,

    Have enjoyed this series of posts. Experienced that which is offered here, along with much more, in times past as I found myself minimizing the chemical load on my body and those around me. Branch Basics is the only cleaning product I use.

    Good to remember as well to open the windows to invite the fresh air, along with the rest of Creation, in.

    Take care and have a great day! 😀

  5. I bought gallon jugs of Branch Basics before you changed the formula and can I get the gallons again with the new formula? I liked cleaning everythin plus my dirty oven after every use to keep the fire alarm from going off.

    1. Hi Fernie! So happy you are getting to deep clean with all things Branch Basics! 🙂 We do not currently have bulk sizes, but as always will keep your feedback in mind. Thank you!

  6. Would LOVE a bulk size. I’m trying to use less waste, and a huge draw to your product is that it’s a concentrate I can add to repurposed bottles. That being said, I’ve hesitated from purchasing yet because the concentrate isn’t in bulk and I don’t want to fly though it only to have to buy a new plastic bottle. Don’t care how much I have to pay, just wish I could buy everything in bulk! Lol

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      We appreciate your efforts, trying to have less waste is SO important! We are hoping to have a bulk product at some point in the future, but currently we do offer a 10% discount when you buy 3 32oz concentrates. Not quite what you are looking for but hopefully a start! It is still such a great deal, as you get so many bottles of different cleaning solutions out of one bottle of concentrate!

      Thanks again for your feedback, we love it! xoxo

  7. Hi! I used to use yoursolution a long time ago, before it changed. How is it different? The price seems like a lot for less uses, and the old one was already expensive for me. I do miss your product, though. It worked so well! Thanks!

    1. Hi EG,

      The new formula was crafted and tested by all of our founders to ensure we knew the exact ingredients, that is was strong and powerful and as always safe for families. The pricing is the same on this formula as it was on the old!
      With typical use you can fill 3 All-Purpose, 3 Bathroom, 3 Streak-Free, 3 Foaming Wash, and 60 loads of laundry with one 32-oz Concentrate. So we truly believe our product is not only a safe solution for all of your cleaning needs, but it is also cost effective!
      Please let us know if you have any other questions, we are happy to answer them! We hope you will try to the new formula and absolutely love it! 🙂

    1. Dear Melissa,

      Thank you for your question! We recommend a dilute solution for use on wood furniture. Use 1-2 teaspoons of Branch Basics concentrate per 2 – 4 cups water. Always check in an inconspicuous place on the wood to see how the finish responds.

      You can also make your own dusting spray.
      • 1 cup distilled water
      • 1/2 teaspoon Branch Basics
      • 1 TB extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil, optional
      • 3 drops organic lemon essential oil – optional
      Combine the water, Branch Basics, moisturizing oil, and organic lemon essential oil in a spray bottle. Gently shake the bottle to combine the ingredients.
      To Use: Spray a cloth (microfiber is preferable) with dusting spray, then wipe surfaces to remove dust. If you added oil to the formula, you’ll need to gently shake the bottle before spraying the cloth. This may not be safe for all wood surfaces. It’s important to test an inconspicuous spot on the wood to see how the wood sealer responds before using.



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