Let’s hear it from some Baby Mamas!

Two of our favorite young mamas have put Branch Basics to the ultimate test: their babies! Both girls strive to use the safest products around their little nuggets, but also need something that works, especially for the…well…”tough stuff”. Let’s hear it straight from the mamas’ mouths:

“Baby Charlotte and Mom love Branch Basics! From washing all of the baby’s clothes to getting tough “you know what” stains out of changing pads and onesies, I use Branch Basics for just about everything when it comes to taking care of all things baby. Accidents happen and as a new mom having a cleaning product that can be used for just about anything is extremely convenient and just down right awesome. Our new family loves using Branch Basics and rests easy that is safe for everyone.” – Taylor Minicucci, Austin TX

Charlotte Mae Minicucci and her life-sized bottle of BB!

“I love using Branch Basics to clean around our house, but especially when I am cleaning things for Lawson.  It gives me so much peace of mind that the product I am cleaning his high chair with is completely safe for him.  After cleaning his play mat last night, he wanted the bottle…since it was Branch Basics I was able to let him play with it, without worrying it could be bad for him.”  – Ashley Jones, Temple TX

Lawson Jones gettin’ down and dirty clean with Branch Basics


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