An Interview with Amy Cazin of Primal Pit Paste

Amy Cazin Primal Pit Paste

We caught up with Amy Cazin, the founder of Primal Pit Paste and fellow Texan gal.  She shared with us about the science of sweat, creating a work-life balance, and what it’s like to work in a start-up environment (something we know a little about ourselves!). We’ve been so thrilled to watch Primal Pit Paste’s success over the past few years and we’re lucky to count Amy as a friend and mentor in the start-up world.

Amy Cazin, Primal Pit Paste

You’ve probably learned a lot about the science of sweat – what’s something that would surprise us about human sweat or armpits?

The sweat is not what causes odor. It’s the bacteria of the armpit that causes odor. Sweating has a major detoxifying role in our bodies and stopping that process can be very unhealthy.

We started our company because we needed a safe product to use in our own lives – it sounds like you had the same motivations for you and your daughter.  Can you tell us about how you decided to jump from a DIY solution to selling the deodorant?

When I had leftovers from my small kitchen batches, I would give them away to friends and coworkers, mostly athletes,  that kept coming back and asking for more of the miracle deodorant. After about 10 months of giving it away as gifts and selling it on the side as a hobby, we decided there was a need and a demand and put up on a website.

Primal Pit Paste Lavendar Branch Basics

Can you tell us something interesting about your ingredient sourcing process for deodorant?

We only source and find our ingredients from the best suppliers that offer certified organic and non-GMO options.

How did you come up with your formula?

Trial and error in the kitchen with different oils, butters, powders and essential oils that finally came out the perfect paste consistency, that rubs right in, absorbing and leaving no residues. Then it was time to make the stick and we played with the waxes, resulting in the Primal Pit Paste stick.

Have you had any surprising testimonials from fans of Primal Pit Paste? What do you hear the most from your customers?

The ones I love are the ones that tell us they have never taken the time to place a review of a product ever, but ours has been so amazing they just had to. We here most that it has changed their life and actually works even better than the toxic conventional options.

You mention that people sometimes need to detox their pits when they switch to a natural deodorant.  What’s the biggest diet factor that people should consider when detoxing? How should people start that process?

Odor can most definitely increase from diet.  Caffeine, alcohol, onions, garlic, spices and even red meat can affect body odor.   A more alkaline body tends to smell less.

The bottom line is everyone’s body chemistry is different.  Increased sweating, exercise or steam and detox baths, drinking more water, and letting out the buildup from clogged sweat glands, including the junk trapped in them, from not being released through sweating by using antiperspirants, can sometimes increase odor in the beginning, or cause a slight irritation. Most people can find out which one works best for them and acclimate as we offer 4 options, varying in strength: Regular, Light, Strong and Happy Pits (for those sensitive to baking soda).

We know how demanding starting a company can be – are you still able to fit in your busy fitness routine?

It has been a struggle and I am starting to finally find balance. Before I started the company, my world was raising my kids, cooking clean from scratch, and fitness training. I could squeeze a workout in at any time. Although, I am currently not instructing Crossfit or Crossfit kids at this time, yoga has really helped me to begin to find some balance and forgiveness for myself, during this high growth, some times stressful and challenging time, while still offering time and attention to my family.  Now, If it does not happen early in the morning, it usually does not happen.

To find out more about Primal Pit Paste, check out their website or follow them on Facebook.

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