Hydrotherapy, the application of hot and cold, is one of the fastest and most powerful ways to move blood in and out of an area. Hot water, when applied to the surface of the body dilates the capillaries and veins and draws the blood out of the depths of the body and up to the surface of the body. It immediately changes your blood flow and brings it all to the surface. Heat also relaxes your muscles, which allows better lymphatic flow, which in turn takes pressure off nerves and allows better nerve flow. Cold water has exactly the opposite effect. It contracts the capillaries and veins on the surface of the body and drives the blood deep into the center of the body. It moves the blood in the exact opposite direction. It contracts the muscles, which in turn pushes the lymphatic fluid out of the area. This is also a massage for the nerves. It is the opposite of sedating. It is exciting and it is invigorating.

Hot and Cold Shower Routine

Take a warm shower as usual. After you have finished cleansing your body, turn up the hot until it’s as hot as you can stand it. If you have any injuries, blocked lymph, areas of pain, etc. pay particular attention to that area. When you have the hot water on about one minute, turn the hot all the way off so that you have straight cold water hitting the area or your whole body. Let that cold water hit the area for fifteen to thirty seconds. Once the area is thoroughly cold after about thirty seconds, turn the hot water back up slowly until the water is as hot as you can stand it and leave it on for a minute. Repeat the procedure seven times ending in cold if you shower in the morning and ending in hot if you shower before bed.

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