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About Himalayan Pink Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is halite (rock salt) mined in Pakistan. Himalayan salt, named for the Himalayan mountain range, is special because of the diversity of minerals in its composition as well as its purity. In addition to being mineral-rich, this particular salt mine was covered in lava for millions of years, which actually protected from pollution and environmental changes over time.

If Himalayan salt is named for a mountain range, why do some people call it Himalayan Sea Salt? All salt was once in the sea! Salt deposits are in locations that were once covered by salted bodies of water, like oceans or salt-water lakes. What we now know of as Himalayan salt is just the remaining mineral deposit from an area that was once covered in water.

The pink coloring, which can range from transparent to reddish or orange, comes from iron oxide, which is a naturally-occurring chemical compound of, you guessed it, iron and oxygen. In addition to cooking and seasoning with pink salt, it can also be used for salt slabs, which function either for cooking or serving food. This actually imparts minerals into the foods as well!

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

A Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is made of a large (usually 6” or larger) salt crystal, which is hollowed out and lit from the inside with a small light bulb. Look for true Himalayan Crystal salt lamps and beware imitation rock salt lamps. A true Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp is made from the very same salt that you could use to season your food. You could even grate off small flakes from your lamp if you needed some in a pinch! Using a salt lamp provides a warm (pinkish or orangish), ambient light. It’s not bright enough to read by, but it can provide a calming glow in both daytime and nighttime uses. You may even choose to use the lamp as a nightlight alternative.

Have you ever heard of dry salt therapy (also known as “speleotherapy” or “halotherapy”)? This medical therapy method began in the 1800s in Poland and was based on the premise that pure, ionized air from inside the salt mines could cure respiratory problems. Patients would go to the salt caves in Poland and Eastern Europe to breathe the clean, mineralized air. Dry salt therapy is still in use in Europe, where you can visit spa-like locations to breathe fresh air inside the salt mines.


Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps may work as natural air purifiers because they give off negative ions into the air as they warm from the lightbulb inside. The negative ions attract moisture from the air onto the surface of the lamps, which evaporates against the heat of the lamp. As the water evaporates, negative ions are released into the air. Negative ions attach to particulates that float in the air such as pollen, dust, dirt, pollutants, and other allergens that are positively-charged. This causes the particulates to become heavy so they drop and settle onto surfaces, which could explain why Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are suspected to reduce airborne allergens. Be careful where you keep your lamp – in humid climates, the salt sometimes sweats, and may even leave a ring of salt deposit on your table.


Because of the air-purifying action of a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp, you may notice that rooms where you use the lamp may seem dustier than other places in your home or office! Although the additional dust may seem frustrating, it’s a good indicator that your lamp is actually removing the particulates from the air. When possible, you can leave your Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp on at all times. The small bulb in the lamp will keep the lamp slightly warm to the touch, but, as long as the lamp is on a clean, stable surface, you should not have a fire risk. Each lamp will essentially last forever (its properties do not expire), but you will likely need to replace the lightbulb over time.

 Have you used a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp? What do you think?


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  1. Have read pros and cons from various sources regarding quality of lamps, who do you order from? Thanks!

    1. The Azure Standard website shows rock salt lamps not the Himalayan Pink Salt ones that are the subject of this article.

      1. In reading the description, the Azure states that their lamp is himalayan salt from Pakistan. I’m still confused about how to tell a fake salt lamp from a real one.

  2. I love my lamp, but want to repeat the caution about the lamp sweating. I live in a dry climate, but run a humidifier in winter and a evaporative cooler in summer. My crystal absorbed water and later sweated rather suddenly. I now keep it in a shallow tray to protect my furniture.

    1. I have run my EO diffuser and Himalayan pink salt lamp simultaneously in the same room for almost a year. There has been NO detriment to the salt lamp. I love both for the different benefits they offer.

  3. When I use my salt lamp in the room with my EO nebulizer, the scent of EO kinda got absorbed by the lamp. So you may want to use one at a time as PURE EO is not cheap too

  4. I love my salt lamps and I know they are real Himalayan Pink salt because I assembled them myself! Several years ago I saw a friend’s
    pink salt pipe (you just breathe through it and the air moving over the salt picks up the ions – heat not required). It did more for his asthma than several prescriptions had done. Being a do-it-your selfer, I then ordered 55 pounds of large chunks of Himalayan salt from a very well known salt company and put some in several small lamps with a night light in them. Most of it, however (55 pounds is a lot) I just arranged in attractive bowls or baskets and put them all around the house where there would be a lot of air flow, and that’s it. They work great!

  5. Pink salt lamps, sea salt and himalayan salts are today’s great products for everyone. Concerning to me, i am a permanent patient of sinus even after operation it didn’t cure. Than i brought a salt lamp for my room and now i am very relaxed when i am in my house at least. This product is best for allergic patients. Must try.

    1. Hi Claire! Actually, the whole lamp is one big salt deposit. But I do notice that it turns whitish when it has sweated a lot (from humidity in the air). I sometimes rinse my lamp with water and pat dry with a towel. Make sure to unplug it first! Keeping it plugged in and warm will help prevent sweating.

  6. Bed Bath and Beyond sells the salt lamps in different sizes and you can find them for sale in many health food stores. I have used one for years and love it.

  7. I am still confused about “real vs fake”. As long as it says, “Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp”, it is real? I found them at Gordmans for $12.00 vs. salt room and natural food store of 50.00.
    I’d very much like to buy the cheaper ones but how will I know if it is real?

  8. I absolutely love Himalayan salt lamps! I have 4 at home, and I’m sure that they are helping me and my family to sleep better. They’re also so beautiful that I think I’d buy them just for how they look, the health benefits are a bonus!

  9. Hi,
    I love all your salt lamp images. I wish I could capture the same beauty of my salt lamps but I suck at taking good pictures. Sigh!
    I have two salt lamps which I got from Saltean and I absolutely adore them. The soothing and warm glow releases my whole day stress and gives a great comfort to my mind and body.

    Best Regards!

    1. Aw thanks Betty! I think they are actually stock images, so don’t feel too bad!! 🙂 We love our lamps as well, so glad you enjoyed the article!

  10. Wow nice article. I also have Himalayan salt lamps in my house. These lamps are just more than awesome. They are not only beautiful but also have healthy and healing benefits for human mind and body as you have mentioned above. They eliminate all the dust particles and smoke from the air and make it pure and fresh. They help me in relieving stress and depression and improve the sleep cycle.

    I bought my lamps from ittefaqco at a very reasonable price and i am very satisfied with their quality.

  11. Love Himalayan Salt Lamps, I have a ‘few’ in our home and office. One can make their own with a variety of pretty lantern shaped objects. As far as their ‘health’ benefits; I did a post on this subject:

    You maybe quite surprised to know that there are actual benefits from the use of salt lamps.
    Absolutely LOVE your blog. Thank you!

  12. I’ve been thinking about purchasing one of these and I honestly forgot until I read this article today. It’s my to-do list now. The bonus is they are actually lovely too!

    Thanks for sharing.


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