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Hi Everyone,

It’s time for an update! Although it’s been quiet on our end, rest assured that we are hard at work! Mainly at being new moms, which – whoa – takes up quite a bit of time (and is worth every single second), but in between feedings and baby snuggles, we are formula-focused!

We were warned that creating a new formula with our standards would take longer than expected, and that has proven to be very true! Interviewing manufacturers to make sure our values align, sourcing ingredients that not only meet our criteria but work well in conjunction with one another, doing efficacy and irritation testing, and conducting safety tests to ensure 100% purity is quite a process!

We are so grateful to you, our customers, for your patience and support. Our hope is that by summer we will introduce a cleaning formula concentrate that you will LOVE. We know we last said early 2017, but we remain committed to doing this right rather than rushing it just to get a product out there! We are currently in the final stages of testing a formula that we finally feel encompasses our goals. We are as excited as you are to get the company up and running again, having learned so much during this difficult season.

In the meantime, we’ll start posting regular updates and healthy living tips on social media as well as sending newsletters, so stay involved! As we always say, we never set out to sell soap! Our products are vehicles to share information on how to live healthier lives and we feel so blessed to have your ear!

Stay tuned,
Allison, Kelly and Marilee
…and Sloane and Reid, our BB babies!


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  1. Thank you! I connect so much with your vision and values. Thanks for not just taking the easy road, but sticking to your values and making sacrifices. I will not only support your company, Im going to tell everyone I can get to listen!

  2. We were heartbroken when we heard Branch Basics was going on hiatus. I am so glad you are still going strong during this difficult time (money going out and not coming in). Branch has made such a huge difference in our lives! I’m so glad we had a 5 gallon supply to hold us over. Keep going! We are cheering for you!


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