Hand Soap Versus Hand Sanitizer: Why “Antibacterial” Is a Dirty Word & 4 Steps to Healthy Hands


The Surprising History of Handwashing and Hand SanitizerS The history of intentional hand washing had an unfortunate beginning in the 1840s. When Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis proposed to fellow doctors that washing their hands before seeing each patient would reduce the transfer of infection, he was ignored, ridiculed, rejected, and ultimately dismissed from the hospital where he […]

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Welcome to the New Branch Basics: A Message from the Founders


Welcome to the New Branch Basics We didn’t set out to sell soap. We removed synthetic ingredients from our diet and everyday products and experienced the radical transformation that truly healing environments can provide. During this experience, we found that switching to truly safe cleaning products was the most impactful to help people create safe havens for their […]

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Radiation Neutralizing Bath

The radiation bath is designed to help clear the system of radiation – a particularly invasive environmental factor that can devastate the immune system. Flying on an airplane especially increases your exposure to radiation (increases exposure to gamma-ray radiation at high altitude levels). The Federal Aviation Administration and the U. S. Department of Transportation have stated that flying can increase your …

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Preparing for Diagnostic Medical Tests Involving Electromagnetic Radiation

Medical testing that involves exposure to radiation (both ionizing and non ionizing) presents the body with a stress that can be prepared for. Susceptibility to infection and a weakened immune response is intensified by this concentrated exposure to various electromagnetic fields. Taking a precautionary approach to strengthen and help the body withstand these medical tests is a smart thing to do …

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Marilee’s Full Story

PERSPECTIVE AND AWARENESS WHAT I WISH I HAD KNOWN YEARS AGO Perspective on any topic is based on an understanding of the available information that pertains to the subject. My goal is to make information that impacts your health available, increase your awareness/knowledge, broaden your horizons – to bring you into the freedom of health […]

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