2 Things Parents Can Do to Dramatically Improve School Air Quality (& Your Child’s Health)

Branch Basics 2 Things Parents Can Do To Improve School Air Quality

Is the air quality in your child’s school making students sick? Marilee Nelson’s son, Douglas, was dramatically affected by pesticide exposures at school. In December 1989, at age ten, he was exposed to high levels of pesticides, which devastated him mentally and physically. Doctors offered no hope of recovery from the extreme chemical injury and […]

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Juice Society | Currently Loving: Coldpressed, Organic Juice & A Recipe for Chia Pudding

Branch Basics | Superfood-Chia-Pudding-Juice-Society

  Currently Loving: Juice Society We’re so excited to introduce Danielle Sobel of Juice Society, a hand-crafted, cold-pressed, organic juice company here in Austin, Texas. The Branch Basics love for Juice Society began with Kelly and Allison displayed next to Danielle at a local health fair in the Fall. We shared a similar story of using […]

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Let’s hear it from some Baby Mamas!

Two of our favorite young mamas have put Branch Basics to the ultimate test: their babies! Both girls strive to use the safest products around their little nuggets, but also need something that works, especially for the…well…”tough stuff”. Let’s hear it straight from the mamas’ mouths: “Baby Charlotte and Mom love Branch Basics! From washing […]

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Benefits of Hiking/Walking

This past weekend Sam and I hiked Humpback Rocks, which is just outside of Charlottesville. It was so beautiful!! And quite the hike. It’s only a mile up and a mile down but it’s pretty much straight up. You gain almost 800 feet in just that one mile. Getting used to the altitude at the […]

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Happy Birthday, Will!

The week for celebrating our boys! While nothing tops Kelly’s engagement festivities, I thought I’d give a little shout out to my sweet husband. Happy Birthday to the most bestest, fantabulous, marvetastical, wonderfulest boy a girl could ever ask for! For nine (wow) years, you’ve supported me in all my endeavors, passions and pursuits and I […]

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Our Main Squeeze

“How do I do a liver cleanse?” I can’t tell you how many people ask/email/text us this question. With our frequent indulgences in heavy food and drinks, it’s likely all our livers are congested and need a little TLC! But there’s no short answer to this question because so much depends on each person’s diet, […]

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