Breaking study reports of the dangers of antibacterial soaps

You may want to think twice before taking another pump of Purel…or any product containing Triclosan, a chemical added to anti-bacterial soaps since its discovery in the 70s. Studies of its ill effects have sent us warnings over the past few years, but this one is a true shout. According to Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS),  “[Triclosan] impairs excitation-contraction coupling of both cardiac and skeletal muscle in vitro and in vivo.

Folks, this isn’t good. What started off as a chemical meant for use in hospitals to kill the really bad bugs is now found in everything from our hand soaps to our mouthwashes and toothpastes! Now, this very thing we’re using (sometimes multiple times a day) to kill germs and keep us healthy has been shown to impair our muscle function. (And let’s not forget our heart is a muscle!)

The good news? As stated by the Environmental Working Group:

“The American Medical Association, Food and Drug Administration, and at least 40 researchers from 13 universities and public institutions worldwide have concluded that antimicrobial soap does not work any better than plain soap and water at preventing the spread of infections or reducing bacteria on the skin, according to our survey of the scientific literature and published agency positions.

The even better news? Branch Basics is the highest quality “plain soap” available. It has been shown to kill bacteria, E. coli, germs, salmonella…even MRSA. To our knowledge, it’s now been used in three different cases (two women and a dog) to kill massive infections that were all pending amputation. Having tried every other method of healing, the patients all soaked the affected appendage and both women saw miraculous infection-reversal in a matter of days. Doctors and nurses at the California-based hospital were in shock and many now recommend this formula to their patients. According to the vet, the dog’s infection was drained using the soap, which healed the wound literally over night.

So what’s the deal? Branch Basicss is a blend of coconut oil and fatty acids from seed-bearing plants and works by means of Colloidal Micelle Technology (CMT). This action allows the tiny Branch Basics particles to penetrate and break up grease, oil and grime as well as act as a natural disinfectant. As for its healing capabilities, we’re giving the coconut oil, mixed with CMT, most of the credit. (Read more about the many uses of Branch Basics on my post, “Branch Basics: So Much More Than Home Cleaning!”)

Greatest news of all time? We’re offering free shipping on orders over $75. Considering how heavy the gallon is, this is an offer you should take advantage of quickly! Click here to shop Branch Basics. (We recommend the gallon size with a 3-pack of our super-popular, can’t-keep-them-on-the-shelf empty spray bottles!)


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