Branch Basics Dishwashing 101: From Handwashing to the Dishwasher


Dishwashing 101

Did you know that standard dishwasher detergents are the #1 cause of childhood poisonings and can leave caustic chemical residues on your dishes and silverware? These products are chock full of nasty ingredients, and they often leave residues behind after you wash. Why would we ever want them lathered onto our dishes?

When it comes to hand washing, or just prepping your dishes for the dishwasher by rinsing of foodstuff, grease, etc., Branch Basics cleaning soap is amazing. Just a few sprays of the All-Purpose, and the food will disappear from the surface. It’s even great for removing lipstick stains on wine glasses!

How To: Branch Basics Dishwashing


Dishwashing 101: Hand Washing

Spray dirty, greasy dishes with a standard All-Purpose solution, scrub as needed, and rinse under warm water. For tougher grease or cooked-on messes, try using the Bathroom spray instead, which is a stronger dilution. You can also use the Foaming Soap bottle and squirt the soap onto a sponge or brush if you prefer to see more foaming action (from the mechanical foaming pump – not synthetic foaming agents). Either of these methods works well for cleaning your dishes.

Live Life Clean Tip: We don’t recommend using Teflon or other nonstick cookware for cooking. Although it is often easier to clean, it contains harmful chemicals that offgas as you cook. If you are wary of converting to traditional cookware (like ceramic, glass, stainless steel, or cast iron), particularly for foods like eggs, we assure you that Branch Basics soap can make clean-up a breeze, even on a nontoxic pan. When in doubt, spray the pan and let it soak. Then wipe, scrub, or brush clean.

Dishwashing 101: Sink Washing

If you’re used to squirting a conventional dishwashing gel into a sink full of water and dirty dishes, you can also use Branch Basics – just a capful of Concentrate in a sink full of water. Remember, however, that it doesn’t contain the toxic ingredients that cause significant sudsing action, so don’t worry when you don’t see the bubbles. Leave the dishes to soak and rinse clean. This method also works well when you’re on a camping trip! The dirty dishpan contains biodegradable cleaning soap, which can be safely dumped nearby your campsite.


Dishwashing 101: Dishwasher

Fill the dispenser with Oxygen Boost and 1-2 teaspoons of Branch Basics Concentrate just as you would with any dishwashing detergent. If you prefer, you can experiment with mixing the soap with a little water first and tossing the soapy water over the top rack (similar to the way you mix with water when washing clothes in an HE washing machine). Some customers even simply toss the Concentrate onto the top rack unmixed. We’ve found that the hardness/softness of your water also plays a key factor in determining how much soap to use and how to add it. If you think you have hard water, we recommend reading more about how to best use Branch Basics cleaning soap with hard water here: Optimize Your Branch Basics Cleaning Experience. If you have really hard water, you can also add a ½ – 1 cup vinegar to a glass in the upper level of the dishwasher or in the rinse aid compartment as a natural softener. If you still see food stuff after you run a dishwasher cycle, add more Concentrate. If you see streaks, try using less Concentrate next time.


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  1. I added vinegar to the jet dry dispenser of my dishwasher instead of the yucky blue stuff and use BB in the regular detergent section. Works like a dream- glasses are clean and streak free…

  2. Wondering if this recommendation is for the new more concentrated formula or the previous formula?

  3. In the text above, it says that BB works well for hand washing or prepping dishes for the dishwasher. I do not have a dishwasher currently. Will using a cap full of BB in the sink be sufficient for clean dishes? What about spraying the all purpose cleaner on the dishes and then wiping/rinsing clean?

    1. Hi Meredith! I also don’t have a dishwasher at home. I usually spray my dishes with All-Purpose, then scrub with my hands or a scrub brush or sponge, then rinse clean. For tough messes, I often will spray the dishes liberally, then leave to soak. They typically rinse clean after soaking for a few minutes. Thanks, Madeleine

  4. I have shower floors that have a nubby textue. I think they are fiberglass. Nothing cleans them! oily residue from feet turns black & soap scum is all around. I tried spraying with all purpose but nothing. do I try full strength soap or what? Im desperate! Patsy also when I pour a whole cup of water with the tsp. of bb in front loader it leaks. too much water.why so much when the idea of these front loaders is concentrated soap? Help

    1. Hi Patsy,
      You might reach out to our customer service team for some of your specific problems. Send them an email at or use Live Chat on our website. They can address your questions more quickly. As far as the washing machine, 1 cup works for most machines, though you have to pour slowly. Although the concentration is good, it sometimes takes extra water to carry the soap from the drawer into the machine. If you find that really doesn’t work, you can definitely adjust the amount. Happy cleaning!

    2. Patsy, I found that using the OxyBoost mixed with a light spray of the BB mixed for Bathrooms works like a charm. First, I spray w/ BB then add a little of the Oxygen Boost and work into a paste. Let it sit for until almost dry and then I spray a bit more and use a scrubbing sponge or soft bristled brush to get the yuck away. Takes some elbow grease but one of the only solutions I’ve found that works. Hope that helps!

  5. Shortly after I received my laundry bottle I decided to try that mixture in my dishwasher. 1/2 to 3/4 capful and I have sparkling clean dishes.

    1. ooh, thanks for sharing that tip! It’s always tricky for me to measure the concentrate correctly for the dishwasher without squirting too much.

      I’m converting my BB laundry bottle for dishwasher use, TODAY 🙂

  6. Love this information, thanks for sharing!!

    One tip — consider changing the photo of the pan being washed in the picture above since it appears it’s a non-stick pan and you recommend not using non-stick. Not a huge issue of course just a thought while scrolling through :o)

    Thanks for all you do!!! xo

    1. Thanks for your question! Thank you for your question! Branch Basics can be used on granite and quartz. The only caveat would be if you have a sealer that requires a particular pH.

      The pH of our concentrate is 8.5 +/- 0.5. If you have a concern that requires a particular pH, we recommend that you fill your All-Purpose with water and concentrate and test the pH. Also test an inconspicuous area of your granite or quartz to see how the product interacts with the surface.

      It’s very rare to hear that a customer has an issue with our formula, but it’s always a good idea to test it first.

  7. Every natural detergent I’ve tried so far has either not gotten dishes clean or caused my dishwasher to leak. Anyone had this problem with Branch Basics?

  8. I love BB! Would you please consider the option of ordering the concentrate with the nozzle lid as seen in the photo? Would make using the concentrate for the dishwasher so much easier. thx 🙂

    1. Hello and thanks for your order! We were having issues with bottles leaking in shipping with the spouted caps. We are working on a fix and hope to get back to the spouted caps soon. We have a few extra caps at our warehouse, so I just dropped one into your order that will ship on Monday. Thanks you for using Branch Basics!!!

      1. Maybe you could sell the caps separately or include them as an add on? I just looked through your site to find one as well, that would make dish washer dispensing so much easier!

      2. I will pass the idea along to the team! We do hope to have the spouted cap issue fixed soon. So sorry again!