BB Hack #2 | Detox Your Dryer: How to Decontaminate Your Laundry Routine

BB Hack 2: Detox Your Dryer with Branch Basics


Detox your Dryer with Branch Basics: BB Hack #2

  1. Spray down the interior of your dryer with a bottle of All-Purpose Branch Basics.  Let the solution pool in the empty dryer for about 10 minutes. 
  2. Dampen a bath towel with water and spray towel with All-Purpose Branch Basics as well. Add this to the dryer and turn on a standard dryer cycle.  Allow the dryer to run until the cycle is complete and the towel is dry. 
  3. Repeat as needed until the odors disappear – sometimes once is enough!

Why would I need to detox my dryer?

If you have ever dried laundry washed in conventional detergents with added dryer sheets or fabric softener, then you have residual chemicals that contaminate the dryer. Each time you turn on a cycle with freshly washed clothes, any remaining chemicals from the dryer heat up and transfer to the clothes. Even small amounts of these chemicals on your skin may cause skin irritation and/or respiratory problems.

I only use 100% natural laundry detergents like Branch Basics Concentrate. Do I still need to detox?

We’re so glad you’ve converted to completely natural detergents! However, if you have ever used a synthetic detergent or dryer sheets in the past, you’ll want to make sure you decontaminate the dryer to ensure you get the full benefit of the nontoxic cleaner.  Are you renting? Chances are that previous tenants used harsh chemicals on their laundry and there are contaminants still lingering. You want to get those chemicals gone for good!

Wait a second. I can wash my laundry with BB?

Oh yes – please do! You can learn the WHY here. You can learn the HOW here. It’s easy to do and your body (and kids and pets) will thank you!

What’s a BB Hack?

Each BB Hack is a short recipe for a new use of Branch Basics.


Further Reading:

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