Branch Basics Ultimate Guide to Nontoxic Floor Cleaning: It’s Much Easier Than You Think!

Branch Basics Ultimate Guide to Nontoxic Floor Cleaning

Why a Clean Floor Makes a Big Difference in Your Health Your shoes carry you across parking lots, through gym locker rooms, and into bathroom stalls, where they pick up E. coli (causes intestinal and urinary tract infections), Klebsiella (pneumonia bacteria), and Serratia ficaria (a respiratory tract infection bacteria).1 In addition to bacteria, your shoes […]

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Welcome to the New Branch Basics: A Message from the Founders


Welcome to the New Branch Basics We didn’t set out to sell soap. We removed synthetic ingredients from our diet and everyday products and experienced the radical transformation that truly healing environments can provide. During this experience, we found that switching to truly safe cleaning products was the most impactful to help people create safe havens for their […]

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Pamper your pets

  Our dogs are family members too, right? It only makes sense that you would want to use the same high quality SOAP to bathe your dogs that you would to bathe your children. Branch Basics makes the perfect dog shampoo – it won’t sting their eyes and cleans gently and effectively without the use […]

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At the carwash!

  Safe enough for your baby but strong enough to tackle engine grease?! Yup. Branch Basics is a powerful, organic solvent made from the fatty acids of edible and seed-bearing plants. It’s a soap. And good soap cleans everything. Safely. From household use and personal hygiene to commercial and industrial applications, Branch Basics really does tackle […]

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Let ’em help you clean!

    Yep, a cleaner so safe your kids can play with it! Branch Basics is the perfect solution for cleaning up around your children as it’s not only effective, but also safe and worry-free. When it comes to non-toxic cleaners, Branch Basics goes a step further than non-toxic by being human-safe, meaning that if […]

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