Integrated Pest Management: An Inexpensive, Safe, & Sensible Way to Avoid Pests

Integrated Pest Management | Branch Basics

Briefly, Why is Conventional Pesticide Use Harmful? Globally, 972 people die each day of unintentional pesticide exposure, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).1 Conventional, synthetic pesticides are indiscriminate killers affecting not only insects, but also “non-target organisms” –  humans and every living creature.2 In adequate doses, pesticides can cause immediate death in humans, though most […]

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Nontoxic Air Fresheners: Remove Odors Naturally

Branch Basics | Nontoxic Air Fresheners

Nontoxic Air Fresheners Synthetic perfumes, air fresheners, plug-ins, scented candles, room sprays, and other artificially scented products often contain toxic chemicals like phthalates, which are endocrine disruptors. The chemicals used to make “air fresheners” have been linked to headaches, ear aches, depression, irregular heartbeat, and even diarrhea in babies. If you’d like to know more […]

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Currently Loving: Full Circle Brushes


We’re Currently Loving: Full Circle Brushes We guest-posted for the first time this week with Chanel Dror and Camille Moore on the beautiful, Austin-based lifestyle blog, Camille Styles. Allison shared her live-life-clean tips for Deep Cleaning in the Kitchen. You may notice that she referenced one of our favorite accompaniments for Branch Basics soap: scrub brushes […]

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Calling all BB Fans – Vote for Us to Win The Natural Child World Eco-Excellence Award!

We are excited to announce that Natural Child World Magazine has selected Branch Basics as a 2014 Eco-Excellence Awards™ Finalist in the All-Purpose Cleaning category. Natural Child World’s Eco-Excellence Awards honor the highest level of sustainability and innovation in the cleaning product industry, recognizing manufacturers of natural and alternative parenting and pet products. For this […]

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