New Year Home Cleanse Step 2: REMOVE


If you do no other step, do this one. Crucial to the entire process is the complete removal of toxic cleaning products and pesticides. If you decide instead to store them away somewhere “just in case”, or “see if it really affects me”, you are allowing dangerous chemicals and toxic pesticides to linger in your home and continue to be a detriment to the health of all those you live with. The presence of these products, even in small amounts, prevents the creation of a truly healthy home, hindering the ability for the body to maintain health and/or heal. After reading all the labels, remove ALL pesticides and cleaning products that have toxic red flags from the home and garage (if it’s attached). Note: If you have products you are not ready to part with, ideally keep them in an outdoor storage closet or detached garage.  Or, if necessary, keep them in a sealed, airtight container in the garage.


You may need to make a few sweeps of your home. Although removing purchased items can be difficult, keep in mind your immune system will continue to be under siege if these products are not taken out of your house, because the chemicals escape through even sealed lids.


Just the simple act of removal improves the air quality and takes a tremendous load off the body’s detoxification system, increasing its capacity for handling unexpected exposures to chemicals, natural pollens, dust and mold. It also strengthens the body’s resistance to viruses and bacterial infection, and frees the body to use its energy to rejuvenate and heal if there is illness.


Make this a game! This is an opportunity, not a stressor! Know that every single item you remove will result in an improvement in your home environment, and thus your family’s health.

You did it!

Congratulations! You are already enjoying improved air quality! Stay tuned for the final step tomorrow.


Branch Basics Founder Marilee Nelson discovered that having a truly healthy home enabled her son to begin recovering from chemical injury.

“Our son could not be in our home without having reactions. I kept trying to figure out what else could be done to make it safe for him. I remembered that I had removed all cleaning and personal care products from the house, but kept my favorite ones in one box in a closet. I just didn’t see how keeping them would matter – after all they were closed up in a box. But his sensitivity was so extreme that it was not until I finally removed that one box that he could stay in the house without reacting. The low level chemical soup these products were emitting throughout our home was enough to affect him. This discovery was key as we had finally found our baseline – a healthy home – where he could start recovering.”

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  1. I have your old spray bottles and your foaming soap bottle. Each one has the line as to how much soap to use. With the concentrate, how much do I now put in. I know it will not be the same as the old formula.

    1. Hi Patricia! The old bottles actually do have the same dilution measures, so you can just fill to the water line and the new concentrate to fill to the soap line! 🙂

      1. We were told the ORIGINAL bottles were not the same dilution as the next. The current bottles are third generation and are different than first generation…am i wrong?

      2. Hi Kathleen,

        My apologies I didn’t realize you had the first generation bottles! Here are the dilutions for our new formula concentrate:
        All Purpose – 1 part Branch Basics concentrate to 11 parts water
        Bathroom – 1 part Branch Basics concentrate to 5 parts water
        Streak Free – 1 drop Branch Basics concentrate to 24 oz. distilled water
        Hand Foamer – 1 part Branch Basics concentrate to 4 parts water

        Thanks so much! 🙂

  2. I’m in the process of switching out ALL of my old cleaning producers to just Branch Basics. I’m down to one product. Question…..will you be bringing back the large size concentrate, the one with the pump?


    1. Hi Nora! We are SO excited for you to be clearing out your house to create your safe haven! Such a crucial step. And of course we are honored you are using Branch Basics to replace 🙂

      As for the larger sizes, we do not currently have plans to produce those sizes, but as always we will keep your feedback in mind. However, if you do order 3+ Concentrates online, you receive a 10% discount!

      Let me know if you have any other questions! Thank you!

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