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  • human-safe

  • plant & mineral based

  • Fragrance free

  • No harmful preservatives

  • biodegradable

  • not tested on animals

  • non-gmo

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The air inside our homes can be 500x more polluted than outdoor air.

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Better Air Means Better Health

One of the easiest things you can do to improve your health is remove toxic cleaning products from your home.
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What People Are saying

“It may sound dramatic, but you guys gave me my life back.”

I have an autoimmune disease and am extremely sensitive to chemicals and fragrances. I was getting hives, blisters, and lesions on my skin every night due to the detergent I was using. They didn’t begin to heal until I detoxed my house and began using Branch Basics. It may sound dramatic, but you guys gave me my life back. Thank you!

alicia s.

"My only complaint about Branch Basics is that I haven’t started using the products SOONER!!"

My only complaint about Branch Basics is that I haven’t started using the products SOONER!! Honestly, these are a game changer. Even aside from the toxin-free, health and safety benefits (which are why I purchased in the first place), these are hands down the best cleaning products out there! No one should be comprising their health or their safety with chemical-laden products when there are options like Branch Basics available. For anyone hesitant about the price, think of this as an investment! Yes, one bottle of “cheap” cleaning spray SEEMS like the better value, but then you are constantly repurchasing various cleaning products, whereas Branch Basics is an all-in-one solution and will likely last you many months, making the price worth it! I urge you, just try the Starter Kit and you will not be disappointed!


"It’s everything they say it is – completely safe, scentless, simple, and outrageously effective."

I’ve used Branch Basics for going on 2 years now and I’m never going back. It’s everything they say it is – completely safe, scentless, simple, and outrageously effective. Everyone who I recommend it to loves this product. I also love supporting a company who has such an ethical core. Marilee, Kelly, and Allison are the heartbeat of Branch Basics. They are incredible educators and advocates! You learn so much through their content and social media – an amazing bonus to the products they make. Branch Basics cleaner is just one step to a healthier lifestyle, one that these women explain and demystify for the average consumer. I love this company so much, their missions, and of course the great and safe products!


"Honestly I cannot rave about these products enough!"

Honestly I cannot rave about these products enough! I am not one to write reviews, but this deserves 10000 reviews over. I’ve been looking for great natural cleaning products for over 5 years, have tried pretty much every product on the market (including making my own), and nothing compares. I literally use them for everything now, and the best part is I don’t have to have a million and one different products (my minimalist/OCD-ness LOVES that lol!). Honestly could not recommend these enough!


"Branch basics is seriously AMAZING!... I’m just so thankful that a company GETS IT!!"

Wow! Just WOW! I became chronically ill about 12 years ago. I later found out I had multiple chemical sensitivity and was pretty debilitatingly I’ll no matter what I did. When I say I’m VERY picky about what I bring into my home I’m serious. I’ve had the hardest time even with the “healthy” products out there. Branch Basics is seriously AMAZING! Our clothes are soo much brighter! Our colors look like new. There’s no smell which is important because I don’t do well with essential oils or smells of any kind, but it still smells clean. Overall I’m just so thankful that a company GETS IT!! Laundry has always been such a headache for me because I’ve hated everything Ive used, but not anymore!! Thank you for creating truly great products that are healthy and WORK!! I can’t thank you enough!


"Life-changing. Literally."

Life-changing. Literally. I’ve tried every green cleaning product I could get my hands on. Over the years I found exactly ZERO that actually cleaned well. Went back to the regular cleaning products you’d find at any store. I think the final straw was when I was scrubbing my bathroom and nearly in tears because I had such a bad headache. I started reading and researching, and wondered how many of my chronic headaches have been due to nasty chemicals all over my house. Total house purge going on currently, and I mean business this time! I’ve loaded up on microfiber cloths and purchased this starter kit from Branch Basics. I’ve tested my kit on all sorts of messes in my house, and let me tell you: this. stuff. works.


"No longer put on gloves and make the kids leave the room to clean!"

These have changed the way I view my housekeeping. I no longer put on gloves and make the kids leave the room to clean! I can easily keep my home tidy without fear of the effects of harsh chemicals. Not to mention this works better than any products I’ve tried!

Meet The Founders

Women on a Mission

Our lives were transformed by the power of a truly clean environment. Branch Basics is our passion project to help others experience the same.
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