Empty Refillable Foamer Bottle (18 oz)

Empty Refillable Foamer Bottle (18 oz)


The perfect way to use Branch Basics as a a hand soap, body wash, make-up remover…even shampoo!

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Product Description

Branch Basics is wonderful for home cleaning. But if you leave it at that…well…you’re missing out! This soap – made of the highest quality food-grade ingredients – makes the perfect hand and body wash, make-up remover…even shampoo. It’s especially wonderful for babies as it won’t sting their eyes and cleans gently and effectively without the use of any harsh chemicals, parabens, pthalates, endocrine disruptors or fragrances.

This foamer bottles makes it super easy to use Branch Basics for hand and body uses. We recommend a 1:3 dilution for the best lather and thicker consistency, and this dilution line is clearly marked on the bottle for easy re-filling using the Branch Basics concentrate.

NOTE: Branch Basics is 100% fragrance-free, so if you’re craving a little scent, feel free to add a high-quality essential oil to the bottle.

So not only can you use Branch Basics to streamline your home cleaning, you can now replace your hand soaps, body washes, etc. with this one product. Place a foamer bottle at every sink and tub, knowing you and your family are cleaning with the safest, most effective soap available!

Need one for every sink and tub? Buy these foamers in packs of 3.


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